The toddler pool is NOW OPEN, thank you for your patience..

On Australia Day, Thursday 26 January, we will be open from 10am to 4pm. There will be no Aqua class on Australia Day.


Dive into the many benefits of Aquatic-based Exercises at Healthstin Sans Souci

Looking for a stress- and pain-free way of exercising? The pool at Healthstin Sans Souci is calling. Heed the call of the pool and explore the benefits of aquatic-

based exercises.

Water-based physical activity offers several advantages over land-based training – the buoyancy of the water will enable you to perform movements that may not be possible in a gym. There are also the benefits of less strain on your joints, enhanced range of movement, and less pressure on your body. What’s more, training in a water environment allows you to exercise in two planes of motion at once due to the water resistance.

Discover the benefits of aquatic exercises today. Call 1300 090 931 to book a session or to find out more.